Complete Supply Chain Management System

The combination of the products OpenTAS® and SAP OGSD® offers you all of the operative components for a complete Supply Chain Management (SCM).

ERP systems can now be connected to the operations world. One single highly integrated application is enough to record contracts, control stock processing and execute reliable, finely tuned planning.

Loading is carried out quickly and safely. The results are then automatically transferred back into the ERP system as required. Both basic data and contract building blocks from the ERP system are taken into account.

The integrated planning function helps you to optimally use your transport capacities. All means of transport are supported – from rail to pipeline and ship. The vehicle-tracking function makes extremely accurate internal and external railcar tracking possible.

In addition to the wide range of informative analyses that are already part of the standard, freely configurable report generators deliver individually defined reports.
It is checked automatically which documents are necessary for shipping, all required data is compiled and all the dispatch reports are printed. Numerous open, certified interfaces enable optimal data flows between the field, loading, tanks and the ERP system.

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