OpenTAS® equips you with all the tools needed to manage your refinery in an efficient and transparent manner. It doesn’t matter whether you store one or several different groups of products, whether you exclusively store your own products or whether you are a logistics service provider. You will always be in control, able to monitor your processes and to react quickly and accurately.

Complete Control of the Stocks
You always have an overview of the net production in your refinery. The system analyzes the tank stocks as well as input and output. The product flow is calculated from these measurements; reports show you the exact daily, weekly and monthly balance. This pragmatic approach delivers comprehensive, easily accessible and fast results.

A refinery’s technical measuring systems can only cover 90% of the movements. Now you can also take the remaining movements into account, for example material that has already been loaded or pre-loaded. Even inputs which are still unbooked in a railcar appear in the stock.

No specialized knowledge is required to calculate the production. One click is all you need to get the results that you are looking for.

By direct database programming we achieve superb performance: all postings for all products are calculated in less than one minute – whenever and as often as you want. The system provides the supply and sales team with the exact information they require in order to make the optimal commercial decision. This is necessary for the following tasks, e.g.:
  • Supply crude oil
  • Supply terminals
  • Refinery plan
  • Service contract with refinery

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