Service Station

The integrated combination of OpenTAS® and SAP OGSD® supports the complete gas station delivery process, from order taking, planning, loading and unloading to billing. Here you profit from numerous industry-specific functions.

One highly practical feature, for example, is the connection of gas stations to Implico's solution OpenTAS. The system then knows their inventory data and technical capabilities, such as the size of the storage tanks. Through various integrated inventory processes, (e.g. fuel dipstick connection, POS connection, etc.) the different service station inventories can be monitored.

This enables optimal planning. You know exactly which buyer wants how much of which product. The system helps you to hire the correct carrier, provides for fleet optimization and helps you with tour planning. As soon as the optimal route is calculated the driver can be on his way, staying in contact with the system the whole time through his PDA. In this way his route can be updated anytime if anything changes. This leads to accurate and real-time invoicing.
The system does all this completely automatically, if desired. And all with one goal: to offer the best possible delivery service while driving the shortest distance possible. The trip to the customer has enormous cost savings potential. Use it.

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