The integrated combination of OpenTAS® and SAP OGSD® helps you to manage your terminal.

Quantity Accounting and Inventory

With the integrated and comprehensive quantity accounting you will have continuous access to current information about your product stocks as well as inputs and outputs. The numbers can be quickly and easily accessed and are presented in a clearly laid out fashion. It doesn’t matter whether you store one or several different groups of products, whether you exclusively store your own products or whether you are a logistics service provider.

Quantity Accounting Features:

  • Quantity pre-deduction for disposition (type-/storer-/tank-specific)
  • Quantity deduction for booking (type-/storer-/tank-specific)
  • Checking national reserve stocks and storage stocks
  • Ensuring minimal tank quantities
  • Additive postings
  • VRU postings
  • Handling of biofuel additivation
  • Analysis/statistics

Third Party
Do you not only manage your own stock but also that of other owners? No problem! Now you have access to service providers extensive possibilities. These range from separate accounting by means of easily connecting different customers’ ERP systems, to external access to current information on stocks and movements via the internet. This information is so detailed that your customer can independently check, at any time, whether a truck has already left the plant. Now that’s 100% service. Thanks to ERP integration you can not only manage quantity income but also cash income. This enables service fee handling, for example.

Obviously security is the chief concern in any  terminal. With Implico you are also optimally equipped in this field. Its hand-key module controls access to the plant by means of fraud-resistant biometric identification features. In this way, you can always be sure that only the correct driver with the correct vehicle can drive into the plant. Implico thus guarantees an extremely fast and safe loading process.

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