SAP Secondary Distribution Management for Oil & Gas

SAP SDMThe SAP® Secondary Distribution Management for Oil & Gas (SAP SDM) package provides functionalities to efficiently manage and automate the end-to-end order to cash processes. The integration of and the communication to transportation companies, own fleet, Terminals/Depots and Refineries is the main scope of the application.

Based on the SAP industry Solution Oil and Gas the package provides additional functionalities like a Sales Logistics Cockpit for order placement, an easy to use graphical planning and disposition board for truck scheduling and logistics, and applications for delivery fulfilment. An interfacing toolbox and monitor ensure easy integration of external systems and partners. The Process Automation Tool reduces the manual activities and ensures a consistent integration from logistics to finance.

The package is an industry-specific application, offering functional enhancements for commercial sales and secondary distribution of fuels, lubricants, and gas. It focuses on businesses in the oil and gas downstream industry of any size.
Key Capabilities:
  • Order to cash process (sales order, collective orders, sales logistics cockpit, best buy, and consumption forecast framework)
  • Consumption forecast algorithms for steady and temperature based consumption
  • Graphical disposition board (route scheduling and dispatch, map integration for visual planning and tour optimization interface)
  • Process Automation Tool (automated delivery and receipt reconciliation, automated inventory postings, and 3rdparty processing)
  • Interfaces integration toolbox (load ID and truck control, terminal automation, service station, and route optimization)
  • Liquefied petroleum gas (automated cylinder exchange processing and customer cylinder tracking)

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