Integrated Dispatch Management (IDM)

Planned to perfection – Tour planning and dispatching with SAP

Innovationspreis IT Best Of 2014 Initative MittelstandThe combination of SAP OGSD pre-dispatching and IDM (Integrated Dispatch Management) ensures optimum results from margins. The innovative SAP software solution IDM was developed by Implico, a consulting company specializing in logistics and SAP systems. Implico worked with practitioners from many companies to produce a unique, all-in-one solution for intelligent transport planning.

IDM helps dispatch planners create optimum tours: orders from SAP are combined with resources such as currently available vehicles, for example, to ensure the best possible results.

Lower costs
Thanks to features such as real-time tour optimization, the solution effectively lowers transportation costs by reducing factors such as kilometers driven, drive time, vehicle use and overtime by up to 15 percent.

Faster planning
Thanks to intelligent support from the system, IDM helps you reduce the time needed for planning and dispatching by up to 80 percent.

Improved service
IDM enables you to minimize processing time for new orders as they come in. And, thanks to improved planning and greater transparency, available delivery deadline information becomes more reliable – shortening your response time and improving the quality of information you provide.

Benefits of IDM at a glance

  • Acceleration of planning and dispatching processes by up to 80 percent
  • Reductions to tour length, drive times, number of trips, overtime, etc...
  • ...resulting in lowering of transport costs by up to 15percent
  • Calculation of effective setup, drive and unloading times in the planning process
  • Constraint checking in relation to order, vehicle, etc.
  • Improved transparency both during tour planning and in relation to vehicle costs
  • Efficiency gains thanks to minimization of manual data entry
  • Maximum flexibility for handling unavoidable short-term changes and new orders
  • Improved customer service thanks to proactive exception management, reliable shipping status communication and improved punctuality for deliveries
  • Simple simulation of multiple planning runs to produce comparisons
  • Easy-to-read presentation of results in graphical and tabular formats
  • Comparison of TARGET tours with real-world ACTUAL tours
  • Consideration of constraints – such as loading time windows, for example
  • Maximum flexibility assured by option of developing custom enhancements to the system
  • Improved customer service due to improved transparency (waiting times, time buffers)
  • Improved cost effectiveness, thanks to a greater degree of control for planners and dispatchers
  • Improved economic efficiency thanks to real-time interaction between IDM and mobile devices (onboard computers, smartphones, handhelds)

The SAP IDM solution significantly improves the capabilities of your dispatching and tour planning. You can accelerate your planning, lower your transport costs and improve your service.

All of this makes IDM from Implico the perfect system for satisfying the current and future challenges facing the transportation industry.

IDM DemonstrationIDM Demonstration

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