Industry specific
  • Whole set of new oil industry specific applications, focusing on sales and distribution of fuels, heating oil, bottled and bulk gases and lubricants
  • Integrates finance, sales and supply chain of a company
  • Builds on best practices and industry knowledge
  • Based on and part of SAP Industry Solution for Oil & Gas
Easy to Use
  • Main parts of the core business can be carried out on just three screens
  • Handling of transactions in the background
  • Minimal input effort, ergonomically designed process flow
Easy to Implement
  • Designed for the special needs of Oil and Gas companies, the application is available in affordable delivery options, enabling a company to quickly adopt the functionality and delivering measurable benefits and ROI
  • More then 200 pre-configured business processes cover virtually every possible functionality needed for the oil and gas industry
  • Possible to implement in less than four months using a small team
  • Grows with your business
SAP OGSD helps you to
  • sense and respond quickly to price fluctuations and other market changes
  • automate key business processes across the load-to-bill cycle, including fuel-volume reconciliation and data collection from both terminals and trucks
  • determine the most cost-effective and timely delivery routes
  • assign deliveries to specific trucks and other transportation units
  • assess demand in near real time and make sure you have the inventory to match it
  • respond to unexpected situations with alerts to gaps in replenishment, changes in demand or pricing, and other deviations from the forecast
  • streamline transactions with partners, such as transportation companies, terminals, and refineries
  • integrate sales, inventory, scheduling, and accounting information - creating a seamless order-to-cash process
  • centralize customer information and tend to the full customer experience through a single interface
  • manage your company's portfolio of assets and its financial risk profile, so you can allocate spending strategically – in line with corporate objectives
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