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Implico Customer Quotes
“OpenTAS works very reliably and the maintenance costs have been significantly reduced. We are on time, on budget and have achieved a high level of quality.”
Erich Kuttenreich, Manager of the Loading Division
Petroplus Refinery Ingolstadt

"OpenTAS manages all processes from taking the contractual nomination through to the operational service order and then recording the resource of the loading against that and start producing the paper work and conform to Customs. We are planning to work with Implico for the SAP integration next. We are hoping to achieve this soon."
Ian Wray, Project Manager
APT (Associated Petroleum Terminals (Immingham) Ltd)

“The final migrations went like clockwork and I look forward to working with Implicoagain in the future."
Thomas Knutzen, Head of IT, TanQuid GmbH & Co. KG

"Our order processing efficiency and accuracy for Authorised Dealer business, has improved over 50percent, since the portal was introduced. We've been able to speed up the order management processes, improve order accuracy, while making a marked reduction in administrative costs. As a result, we've achieved exactly what we set out to do.”
Tom Rossiter, Head of IT, Topaz Group

“The project is proceeding positively. The biggest advantage: We now have an integrated system with all data in one overall system. That is a good thing – we will already see the benefits in the foreseeable future.”
Jörg Berwald, Head of Logistics, Coop Mineraloel in Allschwill

“The key benefit is that we manage several sites using a standardized software solution based on a single database. The technical environment is therefore easily scalable to include new sites. Every tank farm submits the same type of data, allowing our headquarters to operate a standard reporting system."
Thomas Knutzen, Head of IT, TanQuid GmbH & Co. KG

“Replacing five different systems with one unified IT landscape with integrated software, has significantly improved the processes and reduced the problems.”
Detlef Rühling, Head of IT, Total/EHO

“As far as I’m concerned, it was an entirely successful project. You cannot help but notice that 25 to 30 years of experience have gone into this system. In this project, a lot depends on the people. The consultants from Implico worked hard to fulfil our requirements. They tested every possible scenario in detail and implemented everything professionally. Now, at last, we have our own OpenTAS system and can work independently of the refinery.”
Steffen Menz, IT Manager, Gunvor Deutschland GmbH

“I can now schedule a maximum number of vehicles with the minimum amount of personnel. A good planner could previously manage six to ten vehicles; now he can handle up to 30 and present our operational business operations in a transparent manner.”
Holger Hannover, Head of the Competence Centre, Total/EHO

“Implico's pragmatic approach was a great advantage. Also, the atmosphere within the project teams was very good.”
Jan Petersen, Project Manager, Total

“The new system was immediately accepted by our employees and our costs have been reduced.”
Helmut Zimmermann, Head of the Lubricants Division, Total

“Our decision to work again with the SAP specialist, Implico, with this project was absolutely spot-on. Their industry expertise and in depth knowledge of business process gave us outstanding support."
Tom Rossiter, Head of IT, Topaz Group

"We value the extensive reporting and the optimal procedure and quantity accounting transparency. OpenTAS has fully justified the means invested for its installation."
Statement Vopak Hamburg, Germany
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